Those who care…

Vs the ones that dont.

1) whats wrong, why are you feeling this way vs why do you always have to act like this

2) owning Your mistakes vs. If Youd just behave this way everything would be fine

3) you know they do vs. believing they do when their actions say otherwise 


I miss everything…

That was before I moved. Why is such a strong commitment too much for some people. 

#wishicouldundo #justletgo #noteveryloveismeanttobe

And then I realized…

What was missing from my life wasn’t the family, kids, or affection….it’s me. Im missing from my own life; my sense of fulfillment, success and passion are non-existant. I live everyday in a shell of a body, hoping one day when I wake up I will finally feel content. Everyday that I dont, I struggle to find something else to fit the puzzle, problem is I can never seem to find the last piece to complete the puzzle. The last piece is me. Who am I really, what do I want, what will make me feel fulfilled and empowered. Wheres’s the passion in my life. 

#lastpiecetothepuzzle #missingpieces #whoami #findingpassioninlife

I’m not meant for thisĀ 

World and I need a way I out. It’s so hard not having someone to be there for me emotionally, just to talk listen and hear me out. Idk why I continue in this life, it seems so pointless. I dive into help others and then leave myself drowning on the inside. I’m not that hard to understand, I’ve been hurt so I’m scarred. Sometimes I need a couple extra hugs or kisses. 

On the other hand, it’s crazy when you wake up and just don’t care anymore. Just like that, poof, you’re over it all. 

Past repeats itself…

Sometimes in different ways, but what’s true is how people treat you doesn’t change no matter how many chances you give them. Some will never understand that all it takes is something little for someone to realize that it won’t change or to ruin trust completely. It was never about me only you and what you need physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. I surrender from this fight. You have failed repeatedly to give me emotionally and mentally what it is I’m searching for and it’s not changing. I need to let go for good and just move on, and really move on not just fill the void with my past. 

#love #movingon #lettinggo #iwillbeok