Past repeats itself…

Sometimes in different ways, but what’s true is how people treat you doesn’t change no matter how many chances you give them. Some will never understand that all it takes is something little for someone to realize that it won’t change or to ruin trust completely. It was never about me only you and what you need physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. I surrender from this fight. You have failed repeatedly to give me emotionally and mentally what it is I’m searching for and it’s not changing. I need to let go for good and just move on, and really move on not just fill the void with my past. 

#love #movingon #lettinggo #iwillbeok 

Fruit for thought…

People will not stop till they break you down to try to feel better about themselves when no one is even judging them, but their own self. 

The road to accepting and loving yourself is one of the harder paths to go down, but once you do there’s a peace and tranquil feel you find in your heart; the spiritual fruit that is heavenly. Once you get it, keep eating it for soul, it keeps you grounded even of times of waves throwing you about. The waves will settle, they always do, patience till they calm. Fruit of the soul, keeps you cool. Breathe.  

Love and life…

Its crazy and can be super painful at times, but even though people will break you; its only the end to that story. A new one will come when its right, time certainly heals all wounds. A lesson I should already know, always follow your gut instinct; dont let yourself get tied up in the words of others that dont have actions to go along with it. It sucks to let go and walk away; but god and the universe has something better lined up once you cleanse yourself of the sadness. Dont hold it in; cry, scream, shout, vent to someone, however you can release the emotions from yourself then you’ll start to break from what’s no longer good for you. Prepare yourself for what you long for and don’t settle; what you need is out there you just have to be patient. 

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Time to start planning

my future with what and who I’ve had and currently do have, myself and my dreams. I’m dying to have a family, but trying to find that tomorrow isn’t going to happen. I need to start putting my dreams into action and the man I dream of will come with it, and when he’s in my present, I will actually be in his present. My dream (so I don’t forget and let myself get distracted by men who end up putting me off), get certified to teach English as a second language and complete that course overseas. I can temporarily live somewhere else while endulging in another culture. With a secret desire to fall in love with a foreign man. 

#dreams #pursuingmylife #nomorenegativity #findinglove #someonesfirstchoice #loveovermaterialthings 

Actions are everything…

and words are empty. You keep secrets, leave my heart hurting and demand I stay loyal to you when you cant offer loyalty back. Im done, walking away, washing my hands clean of this. I deserve honesty, truth and a man that no matter what finds a way to make me feel safe. Any man that can look you in the eyes tells you he loves you deeply and then can easily sleep with another woman regardless of the circumstances, is no man that loves you, bottom line. If that doesn’t set off a red flag for a woman, then you might as well hang her on a shelf in the shed with the other tools. I cant and I wont be a tool to he hung. Theres plenty of men out there that can treat a woman good and not with deceit and games.  

#findinglove #myjourney #lifegoeson #letgoofthenegative #heisnottheone